More Claustrophobic Patients
are Choosing our Wide-Open 3T MRI

Howard Open MRI of Clarksville is closed as of July 11, 2014.

For the last 2½ years, with the opening of Howard Radiology in Columbia, we have focused on bringing the newest technologies to Howard County. During that time, we have strived to get as many of our "open MRI" patients to try the new 3T.  With it's 70cm bore opening, many patients who characterized themselves as "claustrophobic" have been able to complete their scan on our 3T. With this in mind, we have phased out our "Open MRI" in Clarksville.

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Choose the Wide-Open 3T MRI at Howard Radiology for nervous patients
  • Wide-open bore: twice the opening they used to be and half the length. Allows 1 foot of face space.
  • Sedation: we can administer sedation (valium) prior to the exam.
  • Partners welcomed: patients may bring someone in the exam room with them.
  • Music: select from one of our 25 genres or bring their own.
  • Mirrored glasses: gives the patient a reflected view outside of the scanner.
  • Encouraging techs: hand-holding experts ensures your patients get through the exam.